Have you trimmed your budget, yet?

Due to our economy, many people are trimming their budget. Have you trimmed your budget? I’m sure many of you have. We have, too. Here’s a good article about trimming your budget and here’s another I read and found to be useful from US News.

Here are some ways we have trimmed our budget:

  • Cut the cable. We don’t watch too much TV so it wasn’t a huge hit for us. We cut out cable and signed up with HULU. (we have a few shows and movies we really like for the time we do watch TV) which saved us $50.00 a month.
  • Less out to eat, more cooking! We were eating out a lot, to be honest, both being busy with work, after-school activities and everything else in between. We all know how busy life can get. We started eating more at home, cooking and really enjoying it. An added benefit, it’s healthier. We’ve saved a whopping $200.00 a month! (that’s pretty unbelievable)
  • Name brand clothes, for less? I like a bargain, just as much as everyone else and I love to shop for nice clothes. Now I shop at thrift stores and such and I have found some REALLY amazing items for WAY less than department stores. I’ve cut cost a lot especially back to school shopping. We’ve saved $300.00 per month shopping thrift stores.
  • Cutting coupons for your favorite stores. I know it seems like another extra step that you don’t have time for but I promise it helps. Sign up with your favorite stores and a lot of times, they’ll send you coupons, I get a little booklet about once a month from Kroger. It’s nice and we save about $40.00 a month with that although I know I could save more if I put more effort into it.

So for us, with just these few things we’ve saved $590.00 a month!
I want to hear from you!

How do you trim your budget?

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