Planning ahead could save you BIG!

Planning ahead is the very best way to save some money and still get some great gifts and/or items.

It not only saves money but it saves a lot of wasted time. If we plan ahead then we can get the best deals on particular items we love to give or even have.

“Whether you’re thinking about birthdays or holiday gifts, planning ahead by writing a list of what you intend to buy can save you both money and time, partly because it prevents you from the dreaded double-purchase. A little organization can go a long way toward preventing waste” as Kimberly Palmer says.

I have to agree, a little organization can go a very long way towards preventing waste, be it a waste of money or a waste of time and none of us like wasted time or wasted cash.

What do you do that helps you prevent wasting time and/or money? Do you have any tricks you’d like to share?

Let us know!

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